Essential Dog training tricks

It is essential to go step by stepĀ in Dog training tricks for home pet dog. One such dog is the Labrador retriever. Labrador retriever is a great pet dog since it is very friendly and obedient unlike other dogs. But you should be extremely careful in molding its character in the earlier stages. Here are some essential tips that will enable you to train a Labrador retriever.

It is ideal to train Labradors when it is a puppy. When it grows will it will be difficult to control due to its enormous physical size. But puppies will not have developed any behavioral patters and hence will be very manageable and understanding.
Socialization is the essential part the training program that makes the dog get used to other animals as well as humans. Initially dogs will not be comfortable in unfamiliar situations. The socialization process will make them exposed to different situations and to eliminate nervousness in facing them.

You can then teach the dog basic commands like SIT, STAY and COME. It will easy to leash the puppy. Big Labrador unaccustomed to leash may be difficult to train. You should also take care to involve other members in the family during the training sessions. The unfamiliar behavior from others will otherwise cause problems with the dog. The training must be done in a consistent manner; otherwise it will create confusion in the mind of the dog or may forget things.
Labrador retrievers are very big dogs and will be full of energy. You must be able to divert this energy in the right track; otherwise the dog will engage himself in undesirable activities. Exercises and games are the ideal way make the dog engaged. This will be very interesting for the dogs and will enhance the physical and mental strength of the dog.

Avoid punishment and use other positive measures to make the dog aware of mistakes. Motivate the dog with praises and treats whenever it does something positive.


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